Air Conditioning Hinckley

Hinckley Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd are a local company offering commercial air conditioning and domestic air conditioning solutions for your office, shop, restaurant or home in Hinckley, Leicester and the surrounding areas. With the inconsistent and ever changing weather in the UK, air conditioning is the best way to control your work and home environment.

Commercial Air Conditioning Leicester

Commercial and industrial air conditioning systems are a neccessity for climate control and providing the perfect temperature for your working environment. Modern air conditioning units offer heating and humidity control as well as cooling functions. With a commercial air conditioning system, the temperature inside will always be ideal, regardless of the conditions outside. Commercial air conditioning will make your workplace fresh, and can help increase productivity.

Domestic Air Conditioning Leicester

With the use of an air conditioning system, you are able to precisely control temperature and humidity, so you can achieve the climate that you desire. With heating and cooling functions, domestic air conditioning units will enhance the comfort of your home. They are also a cost effective alternative to traditional heating methods.

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